Anish S
I had recently visited Vrindavan with my family and one devotee guided us to a temple ( It was written Peaches Mandir..Briji hari charitable trust outside) We went inside the temple and we were seated in front of the diety and the pujari told us regarding some offerings- Rs 6700, 11280, 32000 and we agreed to pay 11280. We were taken to nearest ATMore by the pujari himself and the money was paid to him in cash I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THIS IS GENUINE JUST FOR MY MIND SINCE THE ATTITUDE OF THE PUJARI WAS PECULIAR AND I COULD NOT FIND TTHIS TRUST IN ANY WEBSITE..JAI SRIKRISHNA

Parveen Kumar Verma 9813758677
Dear Sir Hum is Mandir ke Darshan Karna Chahta hen... 6-11-2014 ko Yahan par Aayenge .. Thank You.